Super Investments in Costa Rica bring big Dividends

Did you ever think of buying or renting a home or condominium on or near the Pacific Ocean beaches where you can vacation, rent and retire?   We’re here to show you what’s available and help you through the buying or renting process.  These properties are among out top picks and won’t get any less expensive. 

There are still bargains here in Costa Rica.  You can purchase incredible beachfront and ocean view homes for a fraction of what you’d pay in the States.  And the year-round tropical weather doesn’t hurt at all.  The central Pacific coast of Costa Rica is expected to grow exponentially prior to the new​ San Jose​International Airport opening in Orotina, just ½ hour from the Jaco area.  Costa Rica’s real estate prices have not peaked or even reached the levels they were at back in 2008 when property sales were booming.  The Switzerland of Central & South America can’t help but grow and this is a great time to invest and be a part of the appreciation.  The beauty of the tropical flora​,​ fauna and rain​-​

forest await you along with the monkeys, sloths and Macaws.  And the beautiful temperature of the Pacific Ocean with our spectacular sunsets will certainly enhance your stay.

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