Century 21 at the Generando Ideas Forum: Commitment with the Turrialba Community

In the historic heart of Turrialba, the train station with more than a century of history was the
scene of the “Generating Ideas Forum”, an emblematic event organized by Grupo Montenegro.
This January 25, the station became a meeting point for leaders and visionaries, marking a
significant day for the community. In this forum, the candidates for mayor of the Canton of
Turrialba met, with a common objective: to debate and propose crucial improvements for the
Century 21, a company committed to community improvement, one of the four key strategies
for running a real estate company for 2024 and beyond, according to Century 21 CEO Mike
Miedler, played a leading role in this meeting. The participation of Century 21, represented by
its Broker Owner of Century 21 La Campiña, Alonso Alvarado, symbolized its influence in the
real estate sector and its dedication to the development and well-being of Turrialba.

The Generating Ideas Forum, sponsored by Grupo Montenegro, stood out for its focus on
strengthening the social and economic fabric of Turrialba. The event brought together key
figures in local politics, including all the mayoral candidates. The forum became a platform to
discuss strategies and proposals that could mark a before and after in the history of Turrialba.
The discussions ranged from urban and rural development to sustainability and economic
growth, with the participation of different sectors of society, including businessmen, politicians
and community leaders.
The forum featured the participation of notable figures such as Walter Coto from Proyecto
Turrialba, Jana Daigle focused on Sustainable Tourism, Alonso Alvarado from Century 21 La
Campiña, Martín Rodríguez with Proyectos Deportivos, and Paola Solano from Grupo
Montenegro, bringing a commercial perspective to the debate. . Each of these leaders brought
their experience and vision to address various issues crucial to the community, from real estate
development to sustainable tourism, sports and promoting a healthy business environment.
Alonso Alvarado from Century 21 La Campiña, with his extensive knowledge of the local real
estate market, offered a detailed vision of the challenges and opportunities of the sector, the
canton of Turrialba. Its focus was not limited only to this area, but also recognized the
importance of integrating aspects such as sustainability, well-being, security and
competitiveness in community development. These elements are fundamental for the integral
growth of Turrialba and reflect Century 21’s holistic vision to contribute to the progress of the

The Generando Ideas Forum has been established as a catalyst for constructive dialogue and
joint action between different sectors in Turrialba. The active participation of Century 21 and
other local leaders in this forum reaffirms their commitment to working together to forge a
future where economic growth and social progress go hand in hand.
We invite all community members to join this collective effort, ensuring a lasting and positive
legacy for future generations in Turrialba.
If you’re interested in learning more about our offices, contact us.

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