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Did you ever think of buying or renting a home or condominium on or near the Pacific Ocean beaches where you can vacation, rent and retire?

Traveling is always an experience that you will never forget.

Our home is one of the places in which we do no spend most of the time, maybe because you are very busy in your work, or picking up your children, or buying different things in the supermarket, but it should be a very important place in our lives because is the only place where you can share with your family, where you can rest and get relax. 

A sizeable number of foreign citizens during the last years have moved to Central America.  Estimates from the United Nations Population that more than 13,000 moved to Costa Rica, more than 12,000 moved to Panama, more than 4,000 to Nicaragua and 3,000 to Belize.

Address the benefits of buying a house with the help of a real estate sales associate, and how it is more secure for the client to do so.

The idea of entrepreneurship has become glamorous, even sexy. But talking with a person that has worked on trenches of a startup world, and quickly they will wave away that notion. The dark reality is that being an entrepreneur is hard and arduous. However for those who are passionate and are willing to take that path and commit to their ideas could be very gratifying. We all ask the same question, so what is the stuff that those successful entrepreneurs are made of?

CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC first revolutionized real estate with the introduction to the industry of the franchisor / franchisee model by real estate brokers on July 28 1971. Now days, CENTURY 21 is one of the most recognized names in real estate.