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CENTURY 21 Real Estate LLC first revolutionized real estate with the introduction to the industry of the franchisor / franchisee model by real estate brokers on July 28 1971. Now days, CENTURY 21 is one of the most recognized names in real estate.

Here we can give you 14 one reasons on why CENTURY 21 makes to buy or sell your home:

  1. Qualified Real Estate Professionals: CENTURY 21 Brokers and agents strive to stay current knowledge about a market condition this way they can best serve you. They are well trained in the industry so you can rest easy.
  2. Managing the Details: CENTURY 21 professionals are prepared to handle your real estate concerns.
  3. Pricing: We have the latest access to the most accurate active listings and sales information on the market, this way we can provide you the most true market value of homes and give as many options as you need.
  4. Negotiation: our team is full of professional negotiators to tackle the situations, with any unforeseen obstacle that may come up, use the best skills to put things back on track.
  5. Communication: CENTURY 21 professionals will give you the correct follow up and keep in touch with you having you posted of all moves and details of the real estate transaction. 
  6. Listing Advice: Most of the people do not know all the tricks in the moment of selling a property. As most of the buyers decide in the first few seconds of entering your home if thy can imagine themselves living there. That’s why the first impression can change everything and CENTURY 21 experienced agents can help you handle it.
  7. CENTURY Recent studies have shown that over 85% of the buyers will first rely on their search online. We offer you a site that will allow buyers to search for the most accurate information of the listings.
  8. Real Estate Services: Our Company is trained to help you with all your needs, mortgage, insurance or other financial planning. We can help you assist and clear up any doubt you have during the process.
  9. Financing: CENTURY 21 professionals are knowledgeable in different types of financing available criteria. However if we do not know the answer we will be willing to get it for you and guide you in the direction for the best purchase.
  10. Most Recognized Real Estate Brand: CENTURY 21 is the Real Estate organization people think of first when they want a real estate service. Our sign is a sign of distinction and to be displayed proudly on your property.
  11. CENTURY 21 Referral and Relocation Services: We have the service of relocation and referrals leads coming into CENTURY 21. We are global brand so we can share referrals across the countries and help you if your moving out of one country to another.
  12. Recognition: Realogy is the parent company for many real estate brands including CENTURY 21. In 2012 Realogy received the Global Award for the companies with highest ethics, CENTURY 21 with the “Highest Overall Satisfaction Service Provided to Home Sellers”.
  13. Language: We have our team trained to help you no matter which language you talk, this way we can communicate with you and don’t letting the different languages being an obstacle.
  14. Above and Beyond: Making every attempt to cater to your schedule, facilitating any appointments you need such as inspections. If they do not fit in your schedule don’t worry, we will be happy to keep those for any time you are available.

Being simply the best option…

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